After months of hard work, our website has been fully translated into the 2 main Chinese languages : Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Today we are happy to release the Simplified Chinese version (spoken in China, Malaysia, and Singapore). As usual, you can switch languages on the upper left corner by clicking on the flags. We are working on the Traditional Chinese version right now (spoken in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau) and we will publish it this year.

If you are working with us as an owner and have a property for sale on our website, it has been translated into Chinese and as of today we are able to reach more potential buyers for you.

If you add a new property for sale in the future on our website, we will eventually have it translated in Chinese as well.

We think it was an important move for us to do because there is a clear increase of Chinese interest in Thai real estate market.

For this work we hired a professional translator from Chiang Mai – if you need some translation work, ask us her contact, we highly recommend her service.