b1Bailan is the quiet little sister of Lonely beach. You can find there all kind of accomodations, from luxury beach-front resorts to low budget bungalows. The life style in Bailan is quite preserved, as it seems this area has been
spared by the big partying frenzy of Lonely beach — and yet you will find very nice places to chill out.

As in any other parts of the island, Bailan has good and less good places for eat and for stay. You will find there a lot of activities to spend good times. Although Bailan has some nice water beachfront spots, they are rather isolated and there is no white sand beach : this is the main reason why Bailan is not as developed as other parts of Koh Chang — and that’s why it’s a very nice spot to rent a house monthly and spend some quality relaxing time. 

If you are interested in this village, maybe you could check out our houses and bungalows for rent in Bailan, we have many offers (including some low budgets nice bungalows).

b4When you have some hours to spend, go and nose around Bailan, you will find some sleepy spots on the shore, mangrove to explore, some hidden restaurants and reggae bars. You’ll discover rewarding view spots. If you visit the place out of the season peaks, you’ll be able to get your hands on very good deals for monthly rentals in beautiful houses. The whole Bailan bay is overall quite beautiful.

And the most important : the people there are nice, and live at a slow pace : it’s a very peaceful friendly village.


Business wise Bailan is a good place as you have a lot of people going through, between the busy lonely beach and the Bang Bao pier. Resorts in Bailan catch a lot of travelers who want to enjoy the Lonely Beach parties without suffering from the never-stop sound systems of the bars. We have some friends running restaurants and resorts in Bailan and they are very profitable business. You can check out our businesses for sale in Bailan, we have some exclusive offers !

For your holidays, Bailan is a perfect balance between the backpacker paradise, Klong Koi, and the busy/sanook Lonely Beach.

For general information about Bailan, you can check the guide on explorekohchang.