Klong Koi is the last beach village in the south of Koh Chang and is one of the most “still to discover” spot of the west coast of Koh Chang.

You can find a lot of low budget to rent in Klong Koi and some really nice beachfront resorts. In the past two years Klong Koi has known a little bit of hype, and is slowly becoming one of the place to be in Koh Chang. It makes Klong Koi an excellent choice for real estate development projects, or even for buy a house. We think in some years it will be one very busy area, on the backpacker side of the force.


As Koh Changers we love to spend some afternoons at Klong Koi beach, and we enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this new paradise. You will find there a lot of simple good restaurants, and the friendly / peaceful atmosphere of Klong Koi makes it a perfect place for a monthly rental in Koh Chang.

In the night you will find some good weekly live music bands playing reggae music, and this kind of parties, plus a lot of nice spots to chill.


Overall, Klong Koi is what was Lonely Beach a few years ago, before it became the busy lonely beach we know nowadays.

So beware of Klong Koi : it’s definitively one of the next real estate booms of Koh Chang.

We have some businesses for sale in Klong Koi, house for rent with monthly rate and some lands to buy. Don’t miss it 🙂