On this page we will present the reasons why we will open our Real Estate services in Koh Chang area to Bitcoin, and we invite all owners interested in selling a property for Bitcoins to contact us.

We invite the most novices to learn about blockchain in general and Bitcoin in particular.

Just consider that 1 / Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that can be exchanged on Internet, without a central authority (without going through a bank), and that 2 / the technology on which Bitcoin is based is called the Blockchain.

Bitcoin and real estate : a new trend

The number of Real Estate transactions in Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) has been constantly increasing for several years now.

Although it was rare a few years back (the first notable transactions happenned in 2017 : First Bitcoin-Only Real Estate Transaction Completed in Texas ), today there is a new trend that the Real Estate professionals can not ignore anymore.

Some even say that blockchain is causing a revolution in the Real Estate Industry :

What is the status of Bitcoin in Thailand ?

Thailand was one of the first Asian countries to ban Bitcoin in 2013.

Since then, the status of Bitcoin in Thailand has changed and we have seen in recent years the opening of new markets and new regulations, making Thailand one of Asia’s leading countries in research and innovation in the field of digital currencies and Blockchain.

In thailand in 2019 it is very easy and legal to own, buy and sell Bitcoins within a few clicks. And therefore it is also possible to buy and sell Real Estate directly in Bitcoin in the same way that it is possible to do it with traditional currencies :

Real Estate Bitcoin Transactions in Koh Chang

Bitcoin is emerging as an effective and secure way of transferring value around the world and more and more Real Estate transactions are made in Bitcoins.

In 2019 Dee One Property even finalized a real estate transaction in Koh Chang thanks to a Bitcoin transfer.

It is for all these reasons that we decided to open our Real Estate services to this technology.

We offer now to owners of Real Estate in Koh Chang the possibility to advertise and sell their properties for Bitcoins, at no additional cost.

To this end we have developed several tools that allow us to display on our site the prices of some selected properties directly in Bitcoin, based on the price in Baht (set by the owner) and the current THB / BTC rate.

Why participate in this program?

The owners who join this program will have 2 listings on our website : the previous “normal” listing with the price in Baht, and the same listing with the price in Bitcoin, displayed on some specialized sections on our website :

A condo for sale with the price in Bitcoin

Through advertising in our agency, social medias and search engines, we will be able to target a growing new niche of potential buyers. Thus, as an owner, if you join this program you increase the visibility of your property on our website and maximize sales opportunities.

On our side, the interest is certainly commercial, since we also increase the visibility of our portfolio and reach new customers. But our choice is also powered by passion, since we have been interested in the Blockchain revolution for several years now (see Dee One Property accepts Digital Currencies in 2016) and we are pleased to share this interest with our customers.

We have already contacted some owners and some handpicked properties are already available in Bitcoin on this page :

How to participate in this program?

It is free and easy !

If you have a property for sale in Koh Chang, and if you accept Bitcoin as a means of payment, then simply contact us and we will integrate your property into our new properties for Sale in Bitcoin catalog. We will take care of the rest. You keep full control over your listing and its price (fixed in Baht).

In practice, how does a transaction work ?

Exactly the same way as with traditional currencies, but you are paid in Bitcoin.

To receive your payment in Bitcoin you must have a Bitcoin wallet, and keep a Bitcoin address ready to receive the funds. Several options are available (wallet on an exchange, hard wallet, desktop wallet, etc.) :

As usual, we will be there to assist you throughout the process – from the initial contact to the final transfer.

Note that we can receive our commission directly in Bitcoin, with our usual rates.

In order to overcome the volatility of the Bitcoin price, the final ammount of the Bitcoin transaction will be fixed on the day of the transaction – only after agreement of both parties, and under our control. We will propose our Bitcoin wallet as a trusted escrow intermediary.

Finally, after the transaction, you are free to use your Bitcoin (many sellers and services accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment), keep them, or exchange them for the currency of your choice (THB, USD, etc.). ). We will be able to assist you in exchanging your Bitcoin against Thai Bahts on the same day of the transaction (at current prices), via one of the exchanges operating legally in Thailand.