Government endorses 7 eco-tourist projects in Koh Chang

Update 07/02/18 : More details about the 7 projects. It was reported by local medias that the government will invest 3 Billions Baht in these 7 projects – roughly 100 Million USD$. The road between Bang Bao and Salak Phet will finally happen. But the project is waiting for the Environment Impact Analysis. The new public ferry will link Sattahip – Koh Chang – Klong Yai (near the Cambodia border). There are plans to link Cambodia and Vietnam in the future. 


Yesterday the general Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and head of the Army of Thailand, visited Koh Chang for discussing the future of the island. The rumors of a road around Koh Chang and a bridge linking the island to the mainland have been discussed hard on Internet, and we have seen a lot of debates on social network. A lot of people worried about Koh Chang becoming “a new Phuket” and personal profits bypassing general interest. Environment consequences of a bridge was the main concern.

Well maybe these news will put everybody’s mind at rest ! In our opinion these are excellent news for the island !

The Prime Minister reminded that Koh Chang had a special role to play in Thailand, and expressed his wishes to see the island become “a model of eco-tourism, with quality and safe farm products, skilled labour, strong community and efficient natural resources management”.

That’s why the government has accepted in principle seven projects proposed by Koh Chang locals and business operators.

The seven proposed projects include:

  • Development of a road around Koh Chang. This is huge news, it has a lot of consequences for the East coast.
  • Klong Prao reservoir project.
  • Garbage separation plant project.
  • Project for feasibility study and design of a waste water treatment facility.
  • Public pier project.
  • Health system development project to accommodate the need of tourism business.
  • A manpower training center to produce skilled personnel in tourism and service sector.

The project of a bridge linking the island to the mainland, which was the main concern of a lot of people and the main disagreement point in the debates will not happen in the near future.

Source : Government endorses 7 projects aimed to turn Koh Chang into an eco-tourism haven