It’s all over the Thai local medias and social networks right now : the project of closing the road around Koh Chang could finally be realized in 2018 ! It may even be a matter of days !

A recent report by local news (source) stated that local leaders and land lords finally agreed to finalize the road between the south west coast (Bang Bao) and the south east (Salak Phet), thus closing the road around Koh Chang and joining the West and the East.

We are still waiting for the final decision, which is in the hands of the National Park, but it seems that the project will finally happen (still based on local sources) !


The consequences for Koh Chang are HUGE, regarding tourism development and obviously real estate. This project is one big step further towards the necessary development of the east coast and the south east coast of the island. Even though there are some concerns that we will not discuss here, we think overall they are excellent news.

We will keep you informed about this exciting project. Happy new 2018 to all of our readers.

(Thank’s to Koh Chang Guide for the translation of the local newspaper, you can find more details on his article following this link)