The general Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and head of the Army of Thailand, will come to visit Koh Chang to discuss the development of the island within the next few days. On this occasion some citizens and local landlords expressed their will of seeing a road built around the island, as well as a bridge linking Koh Chang to the main land. The video has been widely spread on local medias and social networks (See below).

The main arguments for these two projects (road and bridge) presented in the video are daily/local life convenience : a road and a bridge would considerably shorten distances within the island and between the island and the mainland. For example in this video we can hear a well known landlord living in the south of Koh Chang complaining about the far distance of the public hospital, the police station and the administrative centers — all located around Dan Mai, on the East side of the island.

Some very important decisions, decisive for the future of Koh Chang, could be taken next week.

Update 06 feb. 2018 : After the visit of PM general Prayut Chan-ocha, government endorses 7 eco-tourist projects in Koh Chang


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